Mobile water taps

Water supply

Water supply set 12 volt

water supply with tap for canister DIN 96
for battery opreation - easy installation without soldering


  • battery box for 2 pieces of 6-volt batteries (without batteries) with plug and socket
  • submersible pump ELEGANT (flow rate 10 l/min, pressure 0,5 bar, CE-shielded, dry running seal) with plug and socket
  • water tap NOVO white with microswitch pressurized up to 1,5 bar with plug and socket
  • 2 m extension cable with plug and socket
  • 2 m PVC hose (food save) and 2 hose clamps
  • screw ring and dust cap for canister DIN 96
  • handy plastic case (L / W / D: 320 x 280 x 119 mm)

Mobile water tap

Mobile water tap with 19 l canister

set consists of:

  • mobile water tap for 2 mono 1,5 V alkaline batteries
  • with 19 l canister DIN 96 (dimensions (D / W / H): 280 / 170 / 475 mm)

overall height: 740 mm

transports approx. 1000 l water

physiological harmless

  1. screw on, insert 2 batteries (Mono 1,5V alkaline)
  2. attach the spout
  3. fil the canister with water (0° to 60°C)
    caution! never run the pump without water, make sure that no objects or debris are in the water, prevent the canister against tip over
  4. remove protection cap
  5. press button, pump is in opreation; press button agin, pump is turned off; run the pump 30 seconds with water to clean before the first run

information for use:

  • protect pump from heat and frost

  • remove the batteries if the pump is not use for a long time

  • never run the pump dry

  • remove objects and dirt out of the water

  • do not touch the buttom of the canister with the pump rod

  • store it upright after the use

  • protest against shock

  • do not use it with lightly flammable liquids

  • if the pump does not work, check if the batteries are installed correctly and the cap with buttom is screws correctly

  • clean the pump after use with other liquids with water

  • at the lower end of the pump rod is the impeller; do not disassembly; do not shorten the pump rod

  • for use only with alkaline batteries