Mobile Water Supply


  • can be carried in each luggage compartment
  • easy to move due the extendable carrying handle
    (can be extended up to 810 mm)
  • easy to lift due the rotatable handle
  • easy to fill due the filler neck ¾“ external thread
  • easy to operate with submersible pumps
  • easy to empty due the large opening DIN 96
  • capacity 25 litre
  • dimensions: 500 x 335 x 240 mm

Fresh Water-Taxi


suitable for use as fresh water or wastewater tank

Service - Water - Taxi

You have everything at hand. Easy and convenient, you can fill the freshwater tank. Also ideal for showering. Go to the water point and fill up the Water-Taxi with max. 25 litres of water. Now you can take the water from everywhere where a 12 or 24-volt power outlet is available.

  1. Shower with the trigger shower head. Functions: suppressible, steady flow of water or pulser.
  2. Fill your water tank by the replaceable brass connector, if you have a water coupling included brass connector.
  3. Fill your water tank with the changeable plastic nozzle that fits into even the smallest fuel tank filler neck.

The fix mounted service kit has everything on board.
The built-in submersible pump has a power of 18 l/min. Pressure 1 bar. Consumption 40-45 W.
The hose has a length of 2 m.
The coiled wire can be extended up to about 4 m.
The plug fits into every cigarette lighter socket.

dimensions H / W / D: 560 x 335 x 310 mm (including service box)

Service - Water - Taxi universal 12 V

Service - Water - Taxi universal 24 V

Electric-Filler 12 V

Electric-Filler 12 V

Filler kit to transfer water from canister in a built-in fresh water tank; pump 25 l in approx. 2 minutes

set consists of:

  • submersible pump 12 V (power: 18 Liter/min, pressure: 1 bar, consumption: 25 - 30 W)
  • about 4 m coiled cable with 12 volt plug
  • fabric hose 2,5 m long, 10 mm inner diameter, 3 mm wall thickness, including shut-off valve
  • closure set for wide neck canister DIN 96 or original Water-Taxi
  • packed in a handy plastic case

Use with canister