Digital pressure switch

Digital pressure switch for implementing a pressure system with immersion or force pumps
3550.01.12 Connection John Guest Plug system Ø 12 mm
3550.01.20 X-Fix connection
3550.01.21 Hosetail connection

The pressure measurement occurs using a ceramic pressure transducer. The voltages produced in the pressure sensor by pressure changes in the system are transferred for evaluation, as electrical signals of a microprocessor controller. Exceptional drops in pressure in the system (a leaky valve, leakage in the system and tube positions) are, thus, detected and the pump is shut off. Water damage to the recreational vehicles can, thus, be prevented!


Digital pressure switch
connection John Guest Plug system
Ø 12 mm

Digital pressure switch
hosetail connection


  • leakage detection and with an automatic pump stop
  • external capability for trouble indication
  • manually adjustable cut-out pressure
  • ceramic pressure transducer
  • regulation of engine speed dependent on the amount of water removed
  • plug-and-socket connection for PE tube Ø 12 mm
    (variation: plug-and-socket connection for inner Ø 10 mm)

technical data's:

W x H x Dmax. 100 / 62 / 79 mm
voltagevoltage 10 V bis 15 Volts DC
stand-by currency
(Pump OFF)
ca. 10 mA
(Pump ON)
0.5 to 6 Amps (depends from used pump and system pressure)
overload protectionapprox. 6 to 7 Amps
short circuit protectiongiven
pressure sensor0 to 4 bar (0 to 58 psi) relative meassured
sensor burst pressure10 bar (145 psi)
pressure controlfree adjustable between 0.8 and 1.4 bar (11,6 to 20.3 psi)
(important: equivalent pump pressure)
leakage detectiongreen LED: system is ready for use
red LED: remove disturbance and operate RESET switch