About us

It's in the whole of Europe and beyond it that we sell our high-grade products that are used not only in the leisure sector but cover various areas of application. Thus we also produce special pumps for vending machines or special appliances for the sampling of ground water.

Our product range comprises the following products:

  • pumps: submersible pumps, inline pumps, diaphragm pumps and pump accessories
  • special pumps: drum pumps and machine pumps, garden pumps
  • fittings (mixers and taps) made of plastics and brass
  • canisters and jerrycans made from polyethylen DIN 96, DIN 61 and DIN 56
  • washbowls and washbasins made from polystyrene and stainless steel
  • joining technology for the water supply systems, and so on
  • accessories for the sectors showers, sanitary accessories, power supply, water supply as well as water level sensors and service Lids
  • ventilation technology: refrigeration ventilators, pipe ventilators, ventilators, and much more

In case you need something not being listed here, we would like you to contact us. We are always looking to optimize our performance range and adapt it to our customers requirements.