Refrigerator cooling fans

Refrigerator cooling fans improve the cooling ca-pacity of absorption refrigerators by increasing, the exchange of air at the heat exchanger of the fridge. Up to 30 % energy saving.

Automatic refrigerator cooling fan
fully suppressed
light grey

Automatic refrigerator ventilator
CE - suppressed
light grey

ready to install refrigerator cooling ventilator
special mounting bracket
cable length: 30 cm
flat cable shoes 6.3 mm
voltage: 12 V=
consumption: 7 watt
airflow: 60 m³/h
operating temperature:
max 60 °C

Automatic refrigerator cooling fan

dimensions: 80 x 80 X 26 mm
2 attachment holes 4 mm dia
voltage: 12 V=
consumption: 6 watt
air flow: 75 m³/h
operating temperature: max. 85 °C

Thermostatic switch

opens at 45 °C
closes at 55 °C
diam. / height: 18 / 12 mm
2 x 6.3 mm connector plugs