immersion pumps AQUATRI

Three engine automatic submersible pump that serves 2-3 outlets.
The strong pressure (2,5 bar) and the use of an external pressure switch specify the pump for the use in a pressure water system. The optimized power consumption and the low noise level are characteristic for this submersible pump. Special features are the best price-power-relation and the kind-maintenance construction. The pump comes with a micro fibre filter.
In combination with an external pressure switch the pump can be used to realise a water pressure system.

S1950.78.00 Submersible pump AQUATRI
S1951.78.00 Automatic submersible pump AQUATRI

supply:12 v
cable length:1 m
delivery rate:max. 3,8 l / min at 1,5 bar
 max. 6,5 l / min at 0,5 bar
power consumption:80 - 85 Watt
diameter / height:max. 76 mm / 150 mm


  • long life lubrication
  • external pressure switch; 1,4 bar (standard)
  • for PVC-hose inner diameter 10 mm
  • suitable for use with hot-water boiler and continuous flow water heater
  • CE-sign
  • run dry up to 30 minutes without damage
  • longlife lubrication

Capacity diagram: