Accessories for canister


Funnel with chain and stopper

funnel can be closed odour-proof with a stopper
inner diameter: 195 mm
colour: red

Angel funnel

colour: red


colour: red

Canister connector

Canister connector 3/4"

Canister connector for canister with thread 3/4"

set consits of:

  • 2 connectors 90° 3/4" thread, with seal
  • 1 T-connector, 3/4" thread, with seal
  • 4 hose clamps
  • 2 x 25 cm tranparent hose, inner diameter 25 mm


first, screw the connector into the 3/4" thread of the canister, insert the hose ends into boiling water and slide it onto the hose connector

Do not forget: attach the hose clamps onto the hose before

attach the hose clamps with a cordless screw driver on the heated hose

WARNING: Check the watertightness of your battery canister, before you use it!

packed in a plstic cover box

Use canister connector 3/4"

Floater controlles closing valve

Floater controlles closing valve

(without canister)

for the direct connection to the public water system (max. pressure 6 bar)
90° hose nozzle, 3/8" outside the tank

The valve (easy to mount) turns the connection to the water supply off as soon as the maximum water level is reached. If the water level sinks, the valve opens automatically.
The water level is easy to adjust by an eccentric control knob, which is outside the liquid level.

physiologically perfect material - suitable for drinking water

packed in a plastic cover box (without canister)