Waste water

Wastewater - Taxi

„Waste water from mobile homes and caravans must be stored,“ so say our regulations. But where to put it?

The Wastewater-Taxi is your jack: Put the 25-liter tank under the mobile home. Screw on the cap and connect the hose to the wastewater system. If the tank is full, uncsrew the wastewater cap. Put the cap from cap store onto the open neck. Fasten it with the key. Extend the carrying handle and went to the nearest recycling point. That‘s it.

  • can be carried in each luggage compartment
  • dimensions H / W / D: 500 x 335 x 240 mm
  • easy to move due the extendable carrying handle
    (can be extended up to 810 mm)
  • easy to lift due the rotatable handle
  • easy to fi ll due the fi ller neck ¾“ external thread
  • easy to empty due the large opening DIN 96
  • easy to close due the key for the screw cap DIN 96
  • easy to connect to wastewater system due the hose connection piece

Wastewater - Taxi