COMET-Pumpen has been one of the leading manufacturers of products for caravans, campers and in leisure sectors in Europe.

Our products are immersion pumps, outside pumps, self-priming membrane-pumps, plastic and brass fittings, and a comprehensive assortment of accessories.

Through a process of continuos product development and their adaptation to the requirements of the market and using modern in production processes we are prepared for "tomorrows" challenge.

We don't put our success in the hands of chance. Our aim is to support our customers constructively and together with them find the best solutions. Quality is for us one of the most important factors.

The basis for this is the qualification and motivation of our colleagues and the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2015.


New products:
New high performance immersion pumps, Fittings made of plastics and more

About us

It's in the whole of Europe and beyond it that we sell our high-grade products that are used not only in the leisure sector but cover various areas of application. Thus we also produce special pumps for vending machines or special appliances for light acids and oil.

Certified quality

We absolutely control our products quality. Our own plastic injection moulding sector with 16 modern machines and our own sheet metal working sector make for a constant high level of quality. The custom-fit final assembly is done in our partly automated assembly department, with small batch sizes this is also done manually. more...

New: Pump dry run control